Having Transmission Troubles? or Looking to Repair, Maintain or Rust Protect your Car
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Auto Repair

Having car troubles? Our expert licensed auto mechanics can repair all makes and models of vehicles to get you back on the road safely.

Auto Maintenance

Let us help you keep your car properly maintained from oil changes, tune ups, tire rotation, fluid checks, air conditioning and radiator service.

Rust Protection

Krown Body Maintenance Program Now available. Krown Protects and lubricates your vehicle to keep it looking like new!


Having Transmission Problems? We can Help! We specialize in transmission repair and maintenance. Call us Today to schedule an appointment!

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Krown Rust Protection

One of the contributing factors to a vehicle having a higher resale value is the condition of the body. This is where Krown enters the picture. When you treat your vehicle annually with Krown rust protection at Huron Transmission, it has a tremendous impact on the condition of the vehicle’s body. Especially as the vehicle gets older. If you choose to sell your vehicle one day, you can expect its rust-free body to get you the maximum value for sale.

Transmission Services

Get the proper advice and an accurate diagnostics. Let us help you get to the bottom of your transmission problem because when we answer your questions, we save you time. From transmissions to driveline components, the bigger the better! We can accommodate large vehicles such as highway tractors and other heavy application vehicles.